My Personal Background

My dad was in the Air Force so I grew up traveling. When he retired we moved back home to PA. where I attended the local high school. After graduation, I worked at various jobs until moving to Houston Tx. In Houston I worked for Harris County Hospital District and Tx. Dept. of Transportation. Currently, I am a Certified Health Minister at Create AnewU Health Ministry.


My Christian Background

Dr. Kathleen B. Oden: Author, Bible teacher and missionary. She is also the Administrator at God's House of Refuge Church & School of Evangelism. She completed the Doctorate degree program in 2000 for Christian Theology at Cornerstone University. Dr. Oden has been writing books and creating Bible games since 1998. She created the Bible games, to help the children at her Church have fun while learning the Bible. Currently, Dr. Oden has published over 20 books on


My Favorite Things

I really enjoy, Bible Study, Bible research, learning Biblical Hebrew and traveling. My #1  item on my bucket list is to travel to the Holy Land in Israel. 




God's House of Refuge Child Care Home, International, is an organization dedicated to rescuing orphans and giving them a home, love, education, and a chance to grow up knowing that God loves them and has a purpose for their lives.



Your health and wellness are my top priority! Each client is individually evaluated and provided with a personalized health assessment portfolio and a comprehensive holistic health plan, to help you reach  your goals. 

The Sabbath of the Lord


So many people today are calling Sunday the Sabbath, but what does the Bible say about which day is the Sabbath? If you want to learn more, read on...

Prayer Requests


We all need prayer. 

Bible Study


Bible study is essential in the life of a Christian.



Donate to a worthy cause.

PSALM 143:10

"Teach me to do thy will; for thou art my God"

My Books

What God Commanded!


What day of the week is really the Sabbath Day?

A Book Of Holy Poems


A collection of spiritually inspired poems to uplift, empower, inspire and more...

All About The Bible


A book for new Christians!

Learning The Books of The Bible...


For children and adults that want to learn the books of the Bible!

Old Testament Bible Stories 1


A short synopsis on the first 5 books of the Bible! For kids and adults!

Old Testament Bible Stories 2


A short synopsis from the book of Joshua to  Chronicles! For kids and adults!

Biblical Hebrew & Aleph-Bet Workbook


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Hebrew Training Manual & Workbook


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Aleph and Gimel Storybook & Workbook


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One True Love


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All My Books Are...


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Coming soon...


Old Testament Synopsis & Workbook.

Aaronic Benediction Heb. & Eng. - Misha Goetz & Marty Goetz

One of my favorite videos!

Dr. Kathleen B. Oden

Dr. Kathleen B. Oden is an author, missionary and Bible teacher and administrator, at God's House of Refuge Church & School of Evangelism, and has been a member since 1994. She attained a Doctorate degree in Christian Theology in 2000. Dr. Oden is also a Certified Health Minister and a Certified Essential Oil Coach. 

As a missionary, Dr. Oden traveled to Niger West Africa in 1996.  And she has been traveling to Ghana West Africa since 2002, to help her Pastor establish an orphanage. She starting writing books and creating Bible games in 1998  to help the children at her Church  have fun and enjoy learning the Bible. 

Dr. Oden established a health ministry called, Create Anewu Health Ministry in 2015. She conducts holistic health and wellness seminars and  webinars. She loves teaching people what the WORD OF GOD has to say, about eating healthy food. 

In 2016, she published her first book of Bible lessons for children and in 2017 she published her first  Christian story book for little children. Dr.  Oden also writes Biblical Poetry. Her first book of poetry called "A Book Of Holy Poems" was published in 2018. Dr. Oden has published over 20 books and you can order all her books from,  Barnes & Noble, and other online book stores.

Her #1 bucket list dream, is to travel to Israel to see the Holy Land.



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